so this was X-Mas.........

Christmas time is for me one of the best time of the year. Where people enjoy good food, Christmas music and wonderful concert in good company of family and friends. People often show there best sides by helping others and opening there hearts for the ones they love. 
If the Christmas spirit of love and warmth would be every day of the year our world would be just a little better. 
Let's make every day in 2017 a Christmas day and spread love and happiness to all.

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  1. Jeg har prøvet at efterlade kommentar, men det ser ud til, at det ikke kommer frem!

  2. Tak Sigurborg Kristjánsdóttir nu har jeg fundet ud af det, dejligt med besøg af dig på mit blog.


Tak for din kommentar det glæder mig helt vild meget!!

He moved in to day, so happy days ahead, love everything about crhismas, being whith the family, reading, all the good food, and of course...