Memories # ME TOO......


I have been thinking a lot about this >ME TOO< that is on every mediea now, like I wrote last sunday its important for me to I keep reminding myself that I was not the one how did something wrong, I was not the one how broke someones trust and heart,  I was not the grown op who was supouse to take care of me surround me with love, caring for my future so that I could grow op to be a strong happy and independent, baby-girl, teenecher and then a grown op woman, that did not happen.
I had to take on a long hard journey, see of tears, wrong decisions made to try to feel better, trying to get recognition from my surroundings, then at the end took the poker face on to be able to survive with all the pain and unsecurety, and that was the hardest part, not being able to be my self, not being able to talk to anybody, trying to protect my dear ones, on my expense.
I have worked so hard, cried so much, done so many stupit things, but in the end Im the winner Im the one standing proud of my self living a wonderful live, Im strong independent and doing the things I love with those I love and love my back, support my in every project I start and are with my to the end. 
 I keep remending my self of that every morning when I wake op and look at this photo of myself as little broken girl....


Memories are something we all pressure, they can either make os happy or they can make os very sad, and thous memories we try to forget.
But even though some memories make os sad or unhappy they are a part of our live and we should maybe, deal with them and look deep into them and the sadness or pain they are giving os.
Thats something I have been doing the last years and by doing that I have come to understand that 
I´m not the one that made thees bad memories in my live, they were made and brought into my live by a person that I was not responsible for, and I could not do anything to stop the circle of live, which  bad memories in ones live.
 I wish we could always think about the memories we give to the people we love and are dearest in our live.
Love and take care.


It´s that time of the year, my most favourite time, withe all its colorfule trees, I can walk for hours and just look at them. You can't help wondering how fantastick nature is and how inportant it is for human kind that we treat nature whit respect and teache our children to do so, they are the one how are going to inheritet nature after os, I can't think the thougt to end that my children and grandchildren are possibly, not going to enjoy nature and its wonders like I have had the oppertunity to do all my live.
So my massege to you this wonderful Sunday is, drop all your use of plastic thats is one of the worst thing that we trought out in nature. Have always a bag with you when you are out shopping, of course one made from nature loving material, encourage everyone you know to do so, we have to start somewhere and why not with the plastic bags?





The artist behind BJÖRKS Headpiece....... and so much more....

         Words are not necessary just look here and se for yourself: 

James Merry is a hand embroidery artist, originally from Gloucestershire in the UK, now based in Iceland where he has been living and working with Björk since 2009. He works from a small cabin studio on a lake fifteen minutes outside of Reykjavík, working by hand in a variety of mediums. James is a self-taught embroiderer, having originally studied Classical Greek at Oxford University. 

This prodject is worth looking at....STEDSANS IN THE WOODS...

I have tried many times to book a tabel at Stedsans restaurant hear in Copenhagen, without luck, now I read that they are moving the restaurant into the forest in Sweden,  it just gets more exiting and interesting, this young couple are really living there dream, but it's not just a dream for them,
but like they say:

Stedsans in the Woods - where wild nature meets beautiful luxurious meals, a place to rest and nourish the soul, and permaculture farming."

I strongly recommend that you look at,

Good to consider......

This is a very good wisdom in these times where everyone is looking for perfection, life will always leave its marks on us, that is what makes us who we are.

so this was X-Mas.........

Christmas time is for me one of the best time of the year. Where people enjoy good food, Christmas music and wonderful concert in good company of family and friends. People often show there best sides by helping others and opening there hearts for the ones they love. 
If the Christmas spirit of love and warmth would be every day of the year our world would be just a little better. 
Let's make every day in 2017 a Christmas day and spread love and happiness to all.

Merry Christmas to you all out there, hope 2017 will bring you peace and happiness.  

I have bein a way for a long time, but I'm back and I love it, hope you have been good out there 😄

Memories # ME TOO......

MEMORIES ME TOO... I have been thinking a lot about this >ME TOO< that is on every mediea now, like I wrote last ...