I think I don’t have to mention that this last 5-6 months has taken its toll from everyone and everything. I also know that it’s been harder for some of you guys, and I really hope that your life is getting better and that this times of uncertainty soon will be over, all my love to you all with hope’s it soon will be over.
I in all this confusion got to live the happiest day in 10 years when all my children got together for a sunny beautiful day, what can one ask for more, everyone healthy and well and really enjoy the day, I’m so thankful, I know that’s nothing to take for granted, so from now on I’m not going to complain I have a fantastic life and family and that is something to be thankful for every day. 


O what a beautiful morning, O what a beautiful day.......🎶🎶🎶

It's been a while since I was here, but it is because I have been busy with family which is the best thing ever ❤️ It's also the fact that the garden somehow lets me forget time and place, and then suddenly it is 29 of June 🌱🌸
As you know, I'm a beginner in all this gardening, started few years ago with no knowledge at all in that area, and I can't count all the mistakes I have had to face and don't let them stop me from continuing. 
Every little flower that blooms gives a wonderful satisfaction, I get very excited, I welcome the flower, talk to it and thinking it for the joy it brings, and when the tomatoes start to peek out, then I call all the family to experience it with me, that's a time to celebrate, don't you think ?
The gardening has a healing effect on me like I have said before and when I feel that something is good for me, I want everyone to experience the same, so I can go on and on about my small and big victories, people just have to endure it😃🌺😃
The pictures are a little prof of how much I have learned, hope you enjoy❤️
Have a wonderful day and if you are on summer vacation enjoy to the fullest ❤️

My precious......

Now when we are going through very upsetting times were people were fighting for there lives and that was hard enough for us all to be witnessing, we now have to witness people fighting for their rights right to exist, not being killed just because they have the wrong color, I wonder how long is this going to be, then I mean racism can't people just respect another like we are?
If we want the best for our family then we need to change this thinking, pas it on to our children and grandchildren so that they will have a save future.
At a time like this one can't avoid thinking how precious our little families are and how important it is that we the grown-up teach the children about equality, we are all the same inside, human beings, longing to be loved, seen and heard as we are.
All my live I have worked with children and their attitude is often something we can learn from they don't see colors they see human being and it's there they start getting to know the person.
Let's try to do that,  we all have the same rights and we all want to live a save life, without always have to look over our shoulders, in fear of being treated unfair or with violence.

I'm here again....

The last week's we have been working hard in the garden getting all the plant's ready to come out of the greenhouse and into the vegetable garden, it's very exciting to watch the growth, in the start I was going out there every five minutes🤓 
The thing is that when I'm working in the garden I kind of forget that the situation we are
in gives me a little ”time out” and I can feel the does my good, the same if I take a walk in nature, the stillness clears my mind and I'm filled with peace and safety, nature is still here after all, I'm so glad

grateful  for

that ❤️
I told you that I would show you what we have been working on in the garden so let's get to that,

We welcoming everyone to our little paradise 😍

My bee-friendly flowers which I hope will grow up to be able to attract many bees

This one is getting there 🌸🌸

This is our Tomato house
we plan on growing a lot of tomatoes here 🍅its build out of recycled materials and we are very proud of it, we have left to work with the surrounding area but we will get there be for to long.

Here is more of my bee-friendly Flowers. 🌺 
We have painted the house white and that looks so much better it was a hard work and I'm so proud of myself for doing it, 💪

So now, 
The sun is shining my family is with us so we have nothing to complain about.
Love ❤️ and a lot of kisses, hugs  and everything we are not allowed to do these days ❤️🌺❤️

We are getting there....

I am so hopeful, happy and excited for the opening of our community I feel like we have done so well this past month, people have shown that they take responsibility for their fellow citizens and that's something to be proud of I think, don't you?
Now, what have you been doing in this lockdown? This is what I have accomplish,

Someone had thrown these wonderful chairs away, 
I took them home, glued and screwed together and then I painted them in this beautiful Azure blue color, I felt a little French atmosphere in the garden with that color.
I have also been gardening a lot, for the first time I have a greenhouse which is built from old windows there I have found peace and quiet and I can stay there for long time.

And here you can see my glory, I'm doing a lot of mistakes in the growing process but also some good things, I learn from the mistakes and I don't get annoyed, just like everything you start in life you will do mistakes but I take them as a process in the learning.
Next time I will show you what I have done to try to attract bee to my garden, some kind of a
That's also something new and I have no idea if it's going to be a success, time will tell ❤️
Until next time, stay save💖

There is a light at the end of the coronavirus.....

Now when the sun is shining and the trees are blooming I really feel like there's a light at the end of this horrible coronavirus, and how important is that ‼️We will conquer this and rise again stronger than ever with more sympathy, compassion, more love and understanding for others, I believe after all we gone through, we will be better than before to recognize the needs of others and take care of each other.
We have to make something good come out of this, don't let it defeat us.
I know there are many some have lost their loved ones and I can't tell you how sorry I'm for their loss, all my love and condolences to them may God be with them 🙏 
Stay strong and safe and love one another 

Keep the positive.....

Picture taken at Jægersborg Deerpark. 
Dear friends I have to admit that I really have to use all the resource to maintain the posetive and good mood this days, feel like I have done everything I possible can here at home, how much can one clean, was, orden your closets, plant everything that is ok to plant at this time of the year, go for walk everyday with the dog (that I do anyway, virus or not) so now I realy have to use my creativet to keep myself over the water, and hold out this isolation, but at the same time, I'm very brought to live in a country that is dealing with this horrible virus in a very effective way, taking it seriously and having press meetings often enough so that we feel that we all are helping each other out of this difficult situation.  
The danish people love to meet and have it "hyggeligt" like they say, and always when they meet friends they give a big hug, they are very sincere and open in communication, so for them to keep a distance not touching I believe is hard for them, I really hope that after all this they will continue to give big hugs and be open and sincere, for that is what I like so much about them, but of course we all have to keep the hygiene in the highest and thats only good for us all, but keep on hugging and making this fantastic "hyggelige" times together its so important to maintain happiness.
Stay save out there lots of hugs from me to you💓

This times....

Hello all my wonderful friends out there ❤️ I really hope you are well and all your loved ones 🙏 
This times, is a extreme wake up call for all of us, in various forms of things, suddenly we have a lot of time to be together with our loved ones we are locked in our home where we suddenly have to be all day long, that is challenging for many of us, we are not used to have so much time together ❤️
I urge you to use this time to get to know one another in a new way, be playing together, be silent together, make jokes, dance make some training together be creative make things from martial you used to through out 🎉

We will come through this together and when we do I think it is so important for us that we maintain those positive things that have brought us together, get something good out of this horrible virus, 
don't let it defeat us❤️
Take care of one another, show respect and a lot of love ❤️ 

What's your dream?...

Do you have dreams about your life?  How you can do things better, be a better wife, mother, friend or perhaps to be better at thinking about the environment, thats beautiful, we can always try to be the best version of ourselves🤗 
It's just one thing about dreams, and that is, are you dreaming your dream? or are you chasing a dream that doesn't belong to you? This question coming from a very wise and lovely nun, made me think, are my dreams my dreams? do my dreams fill my heart with joy and happiness, when they come true, yes it does I really appreciate the life I have now,  I really feel that my life has a purpose, that is so satisfyin, gives me peace so I can concentrate  on the day I'm given and be in the moment, and give up the need of what happens tomorrow,.   

So it's time to come back....

I'm back better than ever, feeling glad, hopeful and full of expectations for the new year 2020 it is going to be a great year that I am sure of, and I really hope you all have the same feeling about 2020. 
Now it's going to be up to me how things develop, there's a lot of unanswered questions, there will definitely be a lot of unexpected things both good and bad and I'm prepared for that, but I will focus on the positive and enjoy every day as it comes.
I have many projects I'm working on and look forward to to see the outcome I might share a photo when they are ready. 

I'm a survivor

Like the rose on this photo I'm a survivor, no matter how hard my life has been I have like this rose broke every wall that became in my way, somehow I knew that it was not my destiny to be living a simple, closed life, so I broke out, I'm so proud of myself and what I have achieved in my life.
I've always had this vision about my life and how I wanted it to be, and this vision, in spite of all I have been throug kept me alive, it has never left me and I remember when things were very hard and it was olmost impossible to hold on to this vision,  I could block everything around me, and step into my own world there my vision was very alive.
Those who are going through hard times, and they feel like nothing is going the right way, don't give up and most of all don't let enything ore anyone stop you from living your life to the fullest, and you feel it's right for you, you know best, I knew best and that's way I'm were I'm, I feel that my life has a great purpose and my goal to always be the best version of myself, has done me to the person I'm today, always been able to see people like they are without judgment, always been able to say I'm sorry, admit my mistakes and try me best to learn from them.
The biggest challenge in all this has been learning not assume that all people have the same criteria or goals in life, be aver around people if they sow dishonesty or unfairness the first time, don't assume they will chance, my thought has always been that all people are good and wants the best for you as for them self, but unfortunately thats not the case, I have so many bad experience from people I thought were good honest people but they turned out to be the opposite, so be aware don't let people hurt you our take your dreams and vision away from you, and always be the best version of your self.


    I think I don’t have to mention that this last 5-6 months has taken its toll from everyone and everything. I also know that it’s been ha...