The summer is still here


I have had a wonderful summer with a lot of lovely days with family and friends, there’s nothing like time with the ones you love ❤️ hope you have been given a opportunity to enjoy time with your family and friends.
I have tried to stay in the moment enjoy the day there’s just that day I have, and it is up to me to do the best out of this day I’m given, look around you there’s always something to see that can make you happy and thankful for your day, it’s your day no one can take that away from you ☀️🌳❤️

Sommer is a wonderful time….

                      Here they think about the 🐝 

                        The cat 🐈 can’t care less 
   And there’s always a time for Coffee ☕️ a croissants 

Time fly’s

There is a very good time’s ahead and we should enjoy it and thank for being alive and well.



It's okay to have a bad day every now and then, we all have, I'v realised that now,😜 it took me a little time to realise that it was okay, I was not a failure, but a very normal person having a bad day. 
I didn't have to have bad conscience for not having the energi to do anything other but lying on the couch, what a relief.😅
It makes it so much easier to get out of this situation, by acknowledging the situation and allowing me to get out of it again without forcing me to do so, because, what people might think, 
my life, my time, my bad day, and last but not least my couch.

In life we will always get some challenges, some small and manageable while others are so difficult that we need help, to ask for help, that has never been easy for me and in some cases it's almost too late when I admit I'm defeated and need help, I have had to learn to be humble and admit that sometimes we need help and there is no shame in reach out to people you trust and ask for help, you will only get strong by doing so, we don't all have to know everything and to be able to solve all our proplems single handed. 
To be proud is good, but to be so proud that we can't ask for help is almost to be stupid, and that's what I'v been many times, but thank God I have learned a lot and readily admit my weaknesses, and I'm telling you that has made my life so much easier, more manageable in so many ways, I'm surounding by lovely people who all love me as I am and whom I love so dearly and are all ready to help if I reach out, so now there is no stop in my reaching out when ever I need, and I know that they all know that I'm always there for them.


First day at work after having a wonderful time with my family, where we have just been eating great food, sleep as long as I wanted, taking long walks with or whiteout the dogs, and just relaxing, so I'm telling you, it was a very long day, not so many children but those who came, came with a bang and kept os busy. 

 I know that many of you, like me are making New Year's resolution and that's really good, it might be that  there will not be all that sweets, alcohol, take a way food/junk food, less TV, iPad, not so much lie on the couch, more walks out in the nature, all kinds of training to get fit and healthy.

All this is fantastic and I really hope you all succeed and when you get to the end of this year 2021 you can pat our self on the shoulder in triumph. 👏👏 

As for me, it will not be like this, I have never succeeded, so this time no promises, I'll take one day at the time, when that's done, then is the next day to deal with, until then, I can pat myself on the shoulder. 

I know, some will think that's cheating on oneself, that's Ok if it gives  me better result then I'm happy, isn't that what we all are pursuing? 

The path to success may well vary from one to another, what suits me may not work for others, 


I urge you to find your path to success, what makes you happy, gives you the best results, there will be days weeks ore more where you feel like nothing is happening and you are giving up, 


be patient over for yourself, that's something I feel I'm not so good at, I can be very patient with others, but when it comes to myself I'm very hard, impatient and judgmental, so that's why, this time I take one day at the time, maybe thats your path to.


To all of you out there, 
hope you and your family's will have a wonderful new year, 
with a lot of love, happiness and positive things that will give you hope for the year 2021.


Say NO when you mean NO...

 Its been a wonderful day, we took a long walk with the dogs they love it, so no complaints from them. We smiled at everyone we met, and Im telling you it worked, people smiled back.

I also took a big decision to day and said NO to a job that was offered to me, I did not think that was what I was looking for, the decision is mine and I take full responsibility, I feel like it will lead to something so much better.

Its a big step for many people to learn to say NO it has taken me some time to learn that, it somehow makes you feel stronger when you say NO, not to be the negative one, but to stand by your self, when you feel something is wrong, it's not something that interest you, or you just don't have the time to take part, there can be a lot of reasons for your NO, and you should not feel guilty, its your decision your life and your responsebilety to life your life as honest and good as you can.

Have a good evening, and take care.

You are responsible for your own live

 I know we have that bad habit to blaming others for all the bad things that happen in our lives and that's truly understandebale how else would we get through all our mistakes, because we do a lot of mistakes through our live.

But no matter how we look at it, we are always responsible for all our decisions and that's why we also have to take the consequences of our decisions, that's how it is no matter what......

We are our own makers in our lives, so if I decide that from now on I will look at everyone and everything with a positive mind, will that chance something for me, you think? Im pretty sure that it will, I think it will first and foremost make me feel so much better and that will attract positivity towards me, I have experienced that when a stranger smiles at me when I am out walking the dog, it makes me feel happy, so why not smile to each other all the time,  what harm can that do, some people are lonley and don't have so many around them and if you give them one smile it could make there day, warm them inside.

Im very sentimental today I know and I just feel like writing so that is what I do, I want so batly to make a different in all this negative situation we are going through now.
Look at the bright side and love your self, take extra good care of your self so that you will be able to give to others and take care of our loved ones, that's very important to start with our self.
I believe in us, together we will come through this time and we will be stronger and so much better in sowing our neighbor that we care, as well as each other. 


How about a little positivity.....

 I find myself in need of writing and share my thoughts, you may agree or you may not, that's all right. 

I know that this past times have been realy hard on many people and I'm not talking it down or disrespecting it in any way, I just think we need some positivity in all these negative and difficult times.

I think that the news people instead of spreading fear and hopelessness they should maybe focus on what we some individuals can do to make our lives better,  that's known that, the ability of the immune system to function normally decreases with stress, and inadequate diet, the healthier life we live and happier we are we thrive better, people are watching TV to get informations about Covid 19 and that is very good we should all be aware of the situation, and take all the precautionary measures in use, but now were that's is said, could there not also be some more motivating news to people,  like how important it is to be more active, exercise more, and that our diet is a big part of our health, perhaps that would help us, or at least give us more possibilities to overcome this horrible Covid and make os stronger in mind and body, I do not mean that we all should be going into fitness club absolutely not

I'm talking about for example, a good walk in nature or run for thous who prefer that, do some exercise at home, and I think that if we really put our mind to what we are eating, are we getting the vitamins we need at this time of the year?  it is different between season what we need, in the autumn and winter we tend to get colds and influenza is more , so way not try to eat more healthy food that will give us the vitamins we need, and I'm quite sure that positive attitude, and enjoying our life is likely to support the health of the immune system, so what I'm trying to say here is,




I think I don’t have to mention that this last 5-6 months has taken its toll from everyone and everything. I also know that it’s been harder for some of you guys, and I really hope that your life is getting better and that this times of uncertainty soon will be over, all my love to you all with hope’s it soon will be over.
I in all this confusion got to live the happiest day in 10 years when all my children got together for a sunny beautiful day, what can one ask for more, everyone healthy and well and really enjoy the day, I’m so thankful, I know that’s nothing to take for granted, so from now on I’m not going to complain I have a fantastic life and family and that is something to be thankful for every day. 


O what a beautiful morning, O what a beautiful day.......🎶🎶🎶

It's been a while since I was here, but it is because I have been busy with family which is the best thing ever ❤️ It's also the fact that the garden somehow lets me forget time and place, and then suddenly it is 29 of June 🌱🌸
As you know, I'm a beginner in all this gardening, started few years ago with no knowledge at all in that area, and I can't count all the mistakes I have had to face and don't let them stop me from continuing. 
Every little flower that blooms gives a wonderful satisfaction, I get very excited, I welcome the flower, talk to it and thinking it for the joy it brings, and when the tomatoes start to peek out, then I call all the family to experience it with me, that's a time to celebrate, don't you think ?
The gardening has a healing effect on me like I have said before and when I feel that something is good for me, I want everyone to experience the same, so I can go on and on about my small and big victories, people just have to endure it😃🌺😃
The pictures are a little prof of how much I have learned, hope you enjoy❤️
Have a wonderful day and if you are on summer vacation enjoy to the fullest ❤️

The summer is still here

  I have had a wonderful summer with a lot of lovely days with family and friends, there’s nothing like time with the ones you love ❤️ hope ...